Gosar: Vote for a Democrat is a vote for ‘communism’

Congressman says ‘anarchy’ a threat to nation’s survival

Say what?

I have lived in Arizona for 47 years and in Payson for 26 years. I have traveled all over Arizona selling Cat tractors to all kinds of people ... well, almost all, I have yet to meet a “Communist.”

I would never guessed that Arizona’s Congressional District 4 was a Commie Bastion or a Cluster of Communists.

Thank you Mr. Gosar for bringing to light that the “Red Terror” is right here in our little town of Payson. The late Sen. Joseph McCarthy would have been proud to know you.

We Paysonites have now been “briefed,” heard your message loud and clear, and will now march into battle girded in our American patriotism.

Gosar has been busy lately, just last week he also posted on Facebook, “the Virus here in Arizona has flattened, hospitals are being emptied and we should all return to our normal activities.”

Gosar sounds a lot like the guy in the White House.

Gosar preaches against Communism, where the government owns everything, then advocates seizing the property of protesters who are within their First Amendment rights. You can’t have it both ways sir.

By the way Mr. Gosar, “antifa” is an idea not an “organization” as you state.

Antifa stands for Anti-Fascism (anti means against) ... is Gosar now going to support Fascism? Ya might wanna check with Trump first, he talks about “fascism” a lot.

I did look up the definition of Fascism ... “A far-right form of authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression, and ethnic cleansing. Sound familiar?

A final thought, I guess I’m gonna be voting Commie because I am not going to vote for anymore Republican politicians.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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