Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar made national news (recently) with his efforts to appoint members to the Electoral College who would give Arizona’s electoral votes to the guy who lost the election by over 6 million votes!

These folks are called “Faithless electors,” and yes this has happened before. Hence the name ...

Regardless of your party affiliation this should trouble you greatly.

Voter suppression has been rampant during this election as we have seen again and again ... but the idea of throwing out the votes of ANY voter should infuriate everyone who believes in the Constitution of the United States of America.

“One man, one vote” has been the cornerstone of our democracy.

Gosar has refused to honor his oath of office ... again by trying to negate our legal votes!

Gosar will never be defeated in his gerrymandered district, but his constituents should demand honesty from him concerning our elections.

Put yourself in our place, ALL votes should count.

Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Now Voltaire was not an American, but his words have been used by American politicians as a pillar of their election promises for decades.

Republican voters should call out Gosar for his hypocrisy.

We Democrats would be screaming at our representatives if they tried to do that to our Republican friends.

Once again I beg of you, “Do the right thing.”

Ted Paulk, Payson

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Jack Handy



You're correct sir. All votes should count if they're legal. How about the suitcases full of ballots that were added in Georgia? How about the extra 700K ballots in Pennsylvania? Piles of ballots with no down ballot votes? The largest number of votes received, even more than Obama, from a guy who couldn't get 1,000 people to show up to a rally? His lack of campaigning is understandable, now. The fix was already in, and he even "misspoke" about it publicly.

This is very far from over. Buckle up. There's a reason Kamala hasn't stepped down from her Senate seat yet. Biggest election fraud attempt in history right here. It's a shame the media doesn't want to report on the news.


Norma Christenson

Mr. Handy drank the cool aid a long time ago. Mr. Trump does nothing but lie and his still spewing the lie about fraud at the election is his most dangerous lie yet. Why people don’t believe the countless judges who have completely verified this election was secure, honest, and not corrupt. Mr. Trump can’t believe he lost and is still spreading lies telling his supporters that he didn’t win because of corruption. He didn’t win because more Americans want Biden and that is the only reason Trump lost. I don’t know what the followers of this guy believe him, no matter what. Believe me, Trump does not walk on water. He lost fair and square. Trump is lying to save face, not because it’s a fact.

Jack Handy

Fair and square. HA HA HA!!!

There sure are a bunch of investigations going for it to be over. If you still believe that Creepy Joe got more votes than anybody in history, including more from minority voters than Obama, you're drinking spiked Kool Aid and should probably put it down. It's not statistically possible for some of the "results" that are being claimed.


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