Many of us watched the congressional hearing last week where Rep. Paul Gosar tried, unsuccessfully, and shamelessly, to spin his web of lies about the riot at our Capitol.

Anyone with a TV knows the truth, even Gosar, et.al.

I could not believe his audacious spin, even though I have heard Gosar’s lies many times in the past. This was beyond comprehension ... a new low for Gosar, one of the most despised members of Congress.

Gosar could not even tell the truth about the Trump banner in which a rioter was draped; claiming it was an American flag worn by the woman who was shot by Capitol police as she tried to invade the sanctuary where congressmen and women were huddling, in fear for their lives.

Many Arizona voters in Arizona Congressional Dist. 4 have followed Gosar since 2010. We have watched Gosar support racism and hate during this period, while refusing to tell the truth about any controversial topic.

His own brothers and sisters have publicly and vehemently castigated Gosar for his inability to run an honest platform.

It is hard to understand how, in Gila County, Arizona, a county founded by ranchers, miners, and other hard-working citizens who have always purported their belief in honesty, a man as dishonest as Paul Gosar can be re-elected again and again.

I have had business dealings with many of these good people over the years. Their word is their bond and a handshake is as binding as a written contract.

What happened?!

I know that I will never see a Democrat, no matter how honest and selfless they may be, elected in Congressional Dist. 4, but is it too much to ask the Republican Party to field a candidate who possesses honesty and integrity in the race?

Gosar has shown his true colors over his time in office, and these colors have been a slap in the face to all Arizona voters of both parties.

I was a member of the Republican Party for years, but I cannot support a lying racist such as we have in AZ CD4 at present.

BTW, Trump lost by 7 million votes.

Come on my Republican neighbors ... we can do better.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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