Grandiose schemes


In my previous letter in the June 5 edition, I was trying to show how over the years our local city leaders have been influenced, (sometimes to the detriment of the citizenry,) by various and very questionable newcomers with all kinds of “great deals” for our town.

In my letter, I mistakenly mentioned how old-timers would remember the attempt to bring a pro golf course and professional player to town. My mistake! I meant to say old-timers would remember the attempt at bringing a professional tennis club and tennis pro to town. Like many of these schemes, this didn’t go anywhere either.

A reminder: Dolly Parton never bought here, nor did the Carpenters, nor did Charles Barkley. There is no Ramada Inn on the corner of 260 and Manzanita. The university never came; the sports complex at Rumsey Park never made it.

Let’s try to not “buy into” all these grandiose schemes that people bring into our town and waste money that could be used on local problems.

Larry Little

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Phil Mason

As a relative newcomer, could you provide an accounting of how much public money was wasted in the attempt to bring Dolly Parton, the Carpenters or Charles Barkley to town? Of more rational interest, how much public money was wasted in the attempt to bring the Ramada Inn?? I will conclude with the fact that not every investment of resources guarantees or creates a return, but if there is NEVER an investment of resources, you are guaranteeing to NEVER acquire a return. Payson is on the brink of a fantastic rebirth and growth and I expect the Town Council to pursue appropriate opportunities to kick start the enhancements for all of us.

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