I had a completely different experience than Susie Randleman (6-1-2021 letter to the editor) at the recent electronics and household waste disposal event at the library.

Anticipating that it would be a well attended event, I got in line about 7:45 a.m., and already the line was about a block and a half away from the library entrance. I found the volunteer traffic attendants to be pleasant, helpful and in great spirits considering they were standing in the already hot sun. I popped in a Beach Boys CD and read a magazine I had brought with me for the wait.

Yes, the line moved slowly, but it did move. I spoke to one volunteer that told me that the event had been canceled last year due to Covid-19, so the event this year was really crowded. When I finally got to the drop off point, about an hour and 55 mins later, I had a young man ask me what I had, and I said “a flat screen TV in the back seat and some paint cans in the trunk.” He immediately took the flat screen out of the back seat and directed me to the white tents to drop off the paint cans. At the tents, I opened my trunk and another young man started taking the cans out. He was smiling, pleasant and very quick.

I thank the city council for sponsoring this event! A neighbor told me that I should “find an empty dumpster some night and get rid of the big TV and paint cans.” If people did that, waste disposal sites would become toxic waste dumps with insecticides, paint, chemicals, electronic waste byproducts, etc. leeching into the surrounding soil. Or, worse yet, being dumped in the forests. Thank you to our city council and to all of the volunteers who made this event a success, at least for me. Next year perhaps those that found fault with the whole process might volunteer their time and efforts to make the improvements they feel are warranted.

Donna Mahan, Payson

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