High school grounds do need some TLC


Dear Principal Simon,

You may have seen the letter to the editor in (the July 19) Roundup about the condition of the grounds at PHS. I have to admit, I also had the same impression while attending community concert events at various times over the past few years. I understand that budgetary funds for this purpose may be few and far between, however, it seems there might be some creative ways to accomplish general and routine clean up of the campus in a cost effective way.

It has been a long time since I was in high school, however back then, we had student service organizations, clubs, etc., who performed all kinds of school and community support and fundraising activities, during and after school hours. Or, couldn’t the student council organization come up with a program to get student volunteers on the weekends to do some weeding, raking, etc.? Perhaps identify care of areas to certain groups, not unlike the “adopt a highway” concept and dedicate those areas of the campus grounds as a recognition/reward to individual student achievement, memorials, or even outstanding teacher accomplishments. And possibly come up with a call out to places like Payson Concrete to donate some “DG” resurfacing and landscaping materials, and Star Valley’s Plant Fair Nursery to donate plants? And what part could or should the Town of Payson play in this scenario?

We live in such a beautiful environment here in Payson. Wouldn’t it be nice for the students to take pride in their high school campus?

Sally Carrell, Payson

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Phil Mason

You obviously have not recognized the reality of our district school administrators. They are too busy trying to conjure up all the misleading justifications for increasing our property taxes to be concerned with how to bring a solution to a simple problem. REMEMBER, the school board and administrators have conspired to reduce the classroom spending from over 61.5% to 49.7%. It is important to connect those numbers to teacher salaries since over 95% of classroom spending goes to classroom instructors salary and benefits. Once they redirected classroom spending to other areas, they ask for override additional taxes for the "poor" teachers that they took the money from. What a Scam. So the dilapidated look of the school grounds are not worth the bother when put in context of over taxing property owners by millions annually.

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