I agree wholeheartedly with Mayor Morrissey that his initiative for the homeless should be supported.

I want to make clear that my comments are based solely on the July 31 article in the Payson Roundup. I did not personally attend the council meeting. I think the council owes all of the citizens of Payson a true explanation of their comments on this subject. I have asked myself what can be their motivation to deny help to those in our town that need it most because we know that they could easily make this work if they cared.

Unfortunately, these are some answers that may play a part in their supposedly concerned comments and delaying tactics.

- Do they believe that children and veterans with PTSD and any other homeless human beings do not deserve their help?

- Are they OK with the situation that others who don’t have a nice cozy, warm clean home to shelter themselves or plenty of food in the refrigerator are living in misery?

- Do they believe that only the business community, as important as it is, are the only members of our town who deserve the council’s hard work, problem solving and our money to help them succeed?

- Are they happy to jettison the already very helpful and successful work done by the mayor to help the homeless because they don’t like him or don’t want him to succeed?

- Do they think that many of their fellow citizens can’t see exactly what they are doing and are disgusted by their actions?

We know that, for whatever reason, their supposed concern that other organizations could maybe use money and that there are some issues that need solving is only their tried and true way of doing nothing. If this were a perceived advantageous business issue they would be willing to exert extraordinary efforts and tens or hundreds of thousands of our dollars to get it done. The mayor is only asking for $3,768 for goodness sake to help people who desperately need it.

Mayor Morrissey is right. “How do they sleep at night?” The problems of everyday people can be solved if we just had council members who thought it was important enough to actually work for it.

With the economy worsening every day, many many more will likely need our help. Will we give it to them?

Virginia Starck, Payson

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