If you would go back and reread the Mail Call on the Opinion page for Friday, Aug. 9, you may come away with a better appreciation of the quality and thoroughness of our Payson residents. It was impressive. Each had researched their topic and presented their points in a readable, understandable format. All addressed current items and were very positive with suggestions for improvement with the exception of the one who was name-calling Sen. Allen.

I hope some of these thinkers and doers will decide to run for the town council in the future and bring some common sense back to our town like: not taxing essential foods; roads to nowhere; ice rinks in the desert; splash pads instead of repairs to an existing swimming pool; using large fire trucks for grocery shopping; falling for every business venture that comes along. Need I go on?

Thanks for all our Payson thinkers and doers.

Tom Loeffler, Payson

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Phil Mason

While I agree with the main point of your letter, I think that some of the specifics you list are not germane to town government. The ice rinks are the brain child of the former mayor and friends. The reference to the fire trucks used for grocery shopping is, IMHO, simply off-base. I want my firefighters to take the fire truck to shop for groceries they need to work 24 hour shifts. The last thing firefighters should is be unable to respond to an emergency as they rush back to the fire house to get their equipment. Every fire department that I know uses the same process used here for a reason - response time for citizen.

As to the splash pads, articles from across America are consistent that splash pads get good reviews where operating. The cities range from small towns like Payson to medium cities like Lexington Kentucky to major metropolitan areas including Los Angeles.

I agree that targeted rescinding of the food tax for ESSENTIAL foods for home use should, and I think will be on the table.

In the meantime, we should support the current town leadership until there is time to realistically evaluate the success or failure of their new vision. Any recall effort prior to that logical time is simply a revenge effort by those who cannot believe they were ousted and are conducting a "Grant through Georgia" campaign to the detriment of our town.

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