In defense of Sylvia Allen


I would like to respond to the recent article published about Sen. Sylvia Allen on the browning of America.

I was in both meetings where Sen. Allen spoke. First of all she spoke on many issues — the browning of America being just one. She said nothing wrong and was sharing information from Dr. James Johnson. His expertise being demographics. Her message was not about race it was about those who come here need to assimilate into our society. America is unique and those coming need to learn why it is a choice land. They need to love this country more than the one they fled from.

They need to learn how precious freedom is and how immigrants who came and helped build this great nation were proud to become Americans. They contributed and did not take. There is nothing wrong with this message.

I have known Sylvia for 51 years and I can tell you there is not a racist bone in her body. She has people of color in her own family. Her half brother is Samoan and she has nieces and nephews who are Samoans and she loves them all dearly.

She is a person of honor and integrity. She loves her country and will defend it to the end. She loves rural Arizona and serving the people of Navajo County and District 6.

One more thing, concerning the Arizona Education Association’s letter asking for Sylvia’s removal from the chairmanship of the education committee, there were hundreds of calls in support of Sen. Allen. Sylvia has worked tirelessly for the success of our education system in Arizona.

Marca Epps

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