Our justice system certainly has failed Destry Haught. Had there been a naturopath or homeopath on call to examine Destry immediately, we would have learned that a physical problem was causing problems with his brain, which is flesh, by the way, not some separate entity to be treated differently from the body.

Certainly, the lack of sleep causes all kinds of problems. But no, someone wanted a psychiatrist. For what? Drugs? Whole food heals the body, not drugs. The lack of minerals causes all kinds of problems. He should be given super-nutrition to balance his mind and body. What is he being fed?

I heard that he isn’t allowed books about God to study with other inmates. What about that? God help us if what he has gone through is typical of our justice system.

Is there no one who can force the jailers into taking him to a doctor who knows about healing with food, not drugs? Is there no family member who has educated himself/herself to such a problem and now knows that this lengthy incarceration is unconstitutional?

I’m praying for Destry. I don’t know him, but it sounds as if he is getting a raw deal. He doesn’t belong in jail or a mental institution. He belongs in a rehabilitating hospital where the right food is given, along with whole-food supplements.

This case is an indictment against both the legal and medical systems.

God bless you, Destry!

Marcia Greenshields, retired ombudsman

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