Intelligent patriots addressing America’s issues


Regarding Mr. Dale Oestmann’s recent letter in which he called the Democratic candidates “clueless clowns” and “traitors” and claimed they have a desire to “destroy the country.”

I think Mr. Oestmann discredits himself with this baseless and over-the-top slander.

Let’s get real — the Dems are intelligent patriots offering different ways of addressing America’s issues within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. That’s it.

I wonder how Mr. Oestmann got the idea that the political arena is an appropriate place for outright lies, mischaracterizations and childish name calling. Oh ... wait a minute ...

Randy Cockrell, Payson

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Phil Mason

Whenever you make a sweeping indictment of half the country, you are bound to be wrong about a significant portion of that group. While this was started by one side calling the other "deplorables and irredeemables", repeating their losing strategy in response is a losing proposition. REdefining words in a way characteristic of Newspeak in 1984, is reprehensible. For Google to define the word Patriot as "isolationist or xenophobe" is in stark contrast to the Merriam Webster definition as "one who loves and supports his or her country". It is important to differentiate between the policy and the person, in most cases. There are God fearing, America loving people in both parties, but when the leaders of one party actively support and glorify socialism as the preferred policy for America, it is counter to the founding tenets of our country and must be clearly addressed for the threat to the very existence of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Jack Hastings


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