I am sure that when decisionmakers decide to relocate they consider various factors, such as climate, quality of schools, population size, and more recently, availability of internet and cell phone services.

Last week we had two multiple hour interruptions in both of those services — on Thursday and Sunday. How many such interruptions have we experienced in the past three to five years?

If I were a decisionmaker, I would wonder about how effective my business could be if it were subject to such internet outages, that might even cause the business to close its doors. And, what about the safety factor when cell phones don’t work?

I would think decisionmakers would be more interested in the redundancy of such services rather than in the availability of a splash pad which would only be in use two to three months a year and only by small children who would probably be just as happy in a sprinkler or wading pool in their backyard.

Payson is not a rich town. We need to consider our options and priorities, and hopefully use some common sense.

Nancy Auner, Payson

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Jack Hastings

Well said Nancy.

Phil Mason

While your hypothesis has some merit, the complaints from the good 'ol boys has not been about the Internet vs a splash pad, it has been about a financial scheme by the good 'ol boys to spend $600,000 yearly into infinity vs a splash pad.

The internet problem is clearly on path - or rather paths - to solution. Wise town leaders are pursuing all the competing options and are working to make sure ":the last mile" is part of the package.

The Splash Pad is the leading solution for large and small cities across the nation in response to the escalating maintenance and liability fiscal problems associated with swimming pools.

I believe we can have both a cost effective splash pad for our children to enjoy water features AND have latest technology internet,

Just a little patience is required for the solution to a decades old problem.

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