Law troubling


A bill passed the Arizona Legislature to teach the LGBTQ lifestyle in Arizona schools. It is referred to as SB 1346. Regardless of one’s lifestyle choice, this is a troubling bill because it strikes at the core of the American attitude toward tolerance. Allow me to explain.

Tolerance requires that people refrain from forcing their attitudes on others. Tolerance is also different from approval of the idea behind the attitude. It is both wrong and illegal to discriminate against another because of their race, their gender, or their religion. A devout Muslim woman might have a different attitude about modesty than a modern western woman. That is OK. The Muslim woman should be free to abide by her idea of modesty, but so should the American woman. Neither should demand approval of the other’s idea.

Unfortunately, in this country there are groups that demand approval of their personal choices. The law that passed is an example of the proponents of one lifestyle demanding approval of that lifestyle by others. Our schools are not places where indoctrination of children to any lifestyle belong.

Our culture has for centuries considered the family with a man and a woman who marry, commit their lives to one another and raise their children as they see fit, as the ideal way. There are others who disagree, and again I have no problem if they disagree. They cannot be persecuted because of the way they think. But to sell that lifestyle to children in the school setting that may be against the wishes of some of the parents, and against the teaching of the same parents regarding what is the proper way to live, is supremely intolerant. It requires acceptance of the idea that both lifestyles are good despite the beliefs of the parents.

It is ironic that the reason given for the school initiative is to teach tolerance, when it is just the opposite of tolerance, it is requiring acceptance.

Joseph Rizzo, Payson

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