Let’s improve the pool


Let’s not bring politics into the town’s Taylor Pool. The pool has been in Rumsey Park for ages. If we can spend $800,000 on new streetlight bulbs we can surely build a splash pad and keep a pool open.

Deciding whether to renovate the pool or build a new pool will take support and ideas from everyone. Just because the YMCA and Canadian master plan for the park was rejected by the people doesn’t mean we can’t work together to always have a town pool open for everyone to use.

Dave Golembewski, Payson

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Lori Thompson

I agree we do need to look into replacing the aging Taylor Pool. But we also need a Splash Pad this is not an either or. The Splash Pad is $260,000 at the high end. A pool facility is 2.6 million at least, also the cost of maintaining and staffing a pool is more than six times as much. Yes we need a year round pool, currently the pool is open 8 weeks the Splash Pad can be open six months. The residents of Payson have spoken out for a Splash Pad let’s support families in Payson and build the Splash Pad.

Jack Hastings

Why don't we kill the splash pad and build an indoor aquatic center that can be used by all 12 months out of the year? I t could include an indoor splash pad.

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