In response to the letter from the Gila County Republican Party chairman in (Oct. 4) Roundup, why?

Why at least seven blatant lies in your missive?

“Hate altered judgment of officials in the FBI and DOJ ... engaged in high risk and stupid actions ... Many will end up in jail.” It looks like Trump, et al. are the ones going to jail.

The FBI is an honorable law enforcement agency ... as was the DOJ until Trump appointed Sessions then Barr to ruin the DOJ’s reputation.

He continues, “Hate drove the Mueller investigation which failed.”

The Mueller investigation was in response to Russian influence in the election ... It’s a fact. At least eight violations by Trump were found and are now being investigated, even as Republicans claim, “Nothing to see here.” It did not fail, it was blocked by Republican “lawmakers.”

“Whistleblower ... no evidence, hearsay” ... but then,Trump said on national TV that he committed the acts of which the whistleblower accused him ... then asked for China to commit the same criminal acts of finding dirt on his political opponent.

“The threats of military aid were never discussed, says the writer, while ignoring the fact that transcripts of Trump’s actions showing he did threaten Ukraine are now public.

The Ukrainian prosecutor that Biden wanted removed, at the behest of the EU and Obama, was NOT “investigating Biden’s son.” He was corrupt, like Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer.

Trump’s so called “tax breaks” have only benefited the very rich ... not you or me.

Trump’s “booming economy” is headed for a recession due to Trump’s tariffs that are wiping out America’s farmers and auto workers.

I have asked before, why do the Arizona Republican electioneers and politicians continue to lie when it’s not necessary?

Arizona is a red state, Gila County would not elect a Democrat for any position, ever.

Republicans can be honest and still win; yet they seem to take the low road every time. Why? Just nominate some honest people who will keep their word ... you know like “I’ll support public education,” “I’ll protect the environment,” “I will support health care for all” ... good things.

Rep. Paul Gosar calls DACA Dreamers “criminals.”

Sen. Sylvia Allen pours public education funds into charter schools.

And every Republican member of Congress supports Trump while denigrating the FBI, CIA, and the other government agencies that protect us.

Do the right thing ... it’s an easy task.

And please stop lying to your constituents ... they believe you even when you lie.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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(4) comments

Phil Mason

Ted, are you off your meds for controlling hallucinations? Maybe you have Dupuytren's contracture and can't control your fingers on the keyboard. There must be some explanation for writing 19 paragraphs of crazy content.

Don Evans

Perhaps relocating to another State would assuage Mr. Paulks dissatisfaction?

Ted Paulk

Not moving. Just want Arizona to turn Blue and return the Republican liars to civilian life.😊

Phil Mason

It appears you are already turning blue. Are your heels bruised from kicking them on the floor while holding your breath?

I really hope you do not move, the comic relief you provide is entertaining.

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