In response to a letter from Lori Vanover, she makes many points which are flawed.

1) She states that mail-in voting is fine and has been in Arizona for years. She is correct “MAIL-IN VOTING” is fine, only that is not what the topic actually is. Trump is all for mail-in voting. The voter requests a mail-in vote and submits it, no problem. The question that Trump raises is ballot harvesting. The difference is in harvesting, ballots are sent out to EVERYONE, even if they did not request it. And yes, this does bring on fraud. This is how dead people, people who have moved, and dogs and cats get to vote. So Lori should not muddy the issue. Mail-in voting is fine, sending them out without a request is not. As far as intimidation, perhaps Lori should be as concerned about ALL issues involving voter intimidation including what the Black Panthers have done in the past.

2) The writer also decries Trump cutting payroll tax. She obviously never owned her own business. As a former small-business owner, that tax cut ONLY helps the businesses who pay the payroll tax. With the businesses around the country being forced to close due to the pandemic. How about a little relief for those small businesses. As far as bankrupting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, looks like she took this from the Democratic playbook. Those waskily wepublicans are going to throw grandma in the street and want to pollute our water and air. They’ve been using that one for over 30 years now!

3) She mentions do we want the unpredictable president in charge of our nuclear capabilities? Once again, this is from the playbook. Used on Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and every other Republican. Does she mean the president who just got nominated for the Noble Peace Prize for his work in the Middle East? We’ve gotten through almost four years without him getting in a nuclear war, I guess it’s scheduled for year five?

Finally, If I was her, I would be more concerned about how the entire Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden, got rich with no experience, background or expertise paid by China and Russia. That is not debatable, that is fact.

David Gardner, Payson

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Jack Handy


Wonderful letter but you did make one huge mistake, you brought facts into your argument. Facts don't matter. Orange Man bad. He could cure cancer and the left would be upset.


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