In response to the letter to the editor in the Nov. 26 Roundup, “What Democrats want” by Dell Owens:

Mr. Owens thinks he knows what we Dems want, but I’m pretty sure he might be wrong.

As for myself, I never realized that I want illegal immigration. All this time I thought I was for an easier path to citizenship for honest people seeking a better life who become good citizens.

He claims we want “higher taxes”? I don’t think so Dell. NO one wants higher taxes ... but the rich sure love the tax breaks Trump bestowed on them.

“No guns”? I own eight. You said, “Obama will take our guns” ... hmmm.

“Only electric cars”? How would I go to Flag to visit my son?

Gay scout leaders? Kinda weird that he says this, strange indeed. From what I see it is pedophiles, straight white males, that molest scouts ... not LGBQT folks ... no where in the Dem platform is this mentioned.

Bathrooms where men can watch women and children? Really Dell, where did that come from? Devin Nunes thinks we want nude pics of Trump ... you guys are puzzling.

Radical left professors? In Arizona? Where would we find such a thing?

No respect for military or cops. Trump is a draft dodger. Not one veteran serving in Trump’s circle. He fired the Secretary of the Navy among other high ranking officers. Many of us Dems are vets. I’m an ex-cop ... I never have been for cops shooting unarmed civilians ...

And lastly, Dell claims, Dem “politicians only wanting power with no forward progress ...”?

Trump is the most power hungry wannabe dictator to ever occupy the White House. Mitch McConnell is sitting on over 400 Bills passed by the House. McConnell refused to allow a Supreme Court justice to be nominated for almost a year ... unprecedented since the Civil War.

Owens ends with, “All these things are there to plainly see ... they (Dems) want a breakdown of our society.”

Gila County Republican Chairman Gary Morris wrote a similar letter in October, falsely bashing our FBI, DOJ, the Mueller Investigation and the whistleblower.

Once again I ask why?

Since a Democrat will most likely never win a seat in Gila County, we have seen the incompetent Republican politicians rule here for decades, why can’t the Republican mouthpieces at least tell the truth and field honest candidates?

They don’t have to lie and cheat to win ... or do they?

Ted Paulk, Payson

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