Let us lay some facts about the new Granite Dells Park Complex, in my opinion.

1. Surely the noise of the traffic on Mud Springs Road to access the property is going to piss people off.

2. Obviously, Phoenix Street will be without doubt the new way in to access this property.

3. Try telling the homeowners on West Phoenix Street that they will need a flag person so that they can reverse out of their properties.

4. They have come up with the old sprat that “don’t worry there will be a preservation area and nature trails.”

Wake up residents of Mud Springs and Granite Dells, along with Phoenix Street west and east, your nice quiet area will be gone forever.

Also do not forget that all the residents of Payson will have to pay for this development by increased taxes.

Phill Kellow, Payson

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Paul Frommelt

Not to mention their plans to build a lake on private property, using "municipal sources" That means Payson sources. And isn't the timing of our latest 26% water increase suspect when taking this into account? Mr. Evans stated that "the students will need a park." What students? There is no school coming. Yet, another failed dream!

Dave Golembewski

Why don’t we ask Star Valley to pay the same amount they need payson to pay for the park . They are equally on the RCEA board and will use the Park equally . I know many agree with me ??

Ted Paulk

Wow! Opposed to a beautiful park in a formerly vacant field? Pleeze...

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