So, the plans for the splash pad have been put on indefinite hold! What good news! Now the bad news. town staff are going to try to get a grant. It appears that the original price estimate of $250,000 was woefully inadequate. Current estimates are for almost 4 times that amount, and that does not include maintenance costs. What about impact on the town’s insurance costs?

But the really sad part is that the mayor and council members have forgotten that not only is federal government funding not free money – it’s taxpayer money. But the grant money that they hope to get is also not free money. It, too, is taxpayer money. Now, why should taxpayers in some other part of the US pay for Payson folks to have a splash pad? Maybe they want their money to pay for things they, themselves, need.

I say that those folks who think a splash pad is a good idea should fund the total costs themselves in whatever way they can – donations, personal funds, whatever – and not require taxpayers to pay any of the costs.

Just a thought.

Nancy Auner, Payson

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Phil Mason

Nancy, the Splash Pad is a highlight in towns across Arizona and America. The State of South Dakota highlights a splash pad in their promotional advertising.

The price of the splash pad was radically and unnecessarily increased due to the underlying fact that it is a potential negative for the KE water projects. The Splash pad provides recreation opportunities for our youth without the normal liability risks of alternative options. Do some research on the subject beyond the propaganda being distributed by those with a vested interest in preventing the project.

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