I just read the letter to the editor in the June 1 Roundup labeled, ironically, “Truth in Politics.” I say “ironically” because there is not one word of truth in it.

“He (Trump) re-instituted National Prayer Day which had been canceled by President Obama during his first year in office ...” Blatantly false.

In fact on May 5, 2016 President Obama called for “freedom for all people” in a letter accompanying his declaration of National Day of Prayer.

Planned Parenthood does not use “tax dollars for abortions” nor does PP sell fetal body parts. These tired old lies directed at Planned Parenthood have been disproven many times — kinda like “Donald Trump won the election.”

Speaking of “tax dollars,” Trump spent over $141 million on golfing over 295 times while he was in office. This “good Christian” as she calls Trump, played a lot of Sunday golf. Trump seems to worship at a different altar than most “Christians.”

It’s puzzling how some folks continue to believe that a man who has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by over 23 women, including two who say he raped them, is a good Christian.

Maybe they are comparing Trump to King David, who had eight wives and had the husband of one of them slain so he could marry Bathsheba.

In closing, this letter, “Truth in Politics,” might be deserving of a more apropos designation. You be the judge.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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Jack Handy


It's amazing how much effort you devote to President Trump, still. He lives in your head for free. It's funny as you once garnered many a response, but that seems to be lacking lately. Perhaps a new hobby is in order. Life is short. Turn off CNN and get busy living. That sounds more rewarding than trying to put together a list of Creepy Joe's accomplishments to date. Then again, that wouldn't take long.


Ted Paulk

"Creepy Joe"?

You should watch CNN...

Trump's prison bound.

In fact everyone associated with Trump is under investigation...

Do you, Handyman, really support the Voter Suppression laws being offered by this gang of crooked Republican politicians?

What happened to you people!!

Jack Handy


You're taking a great lead from the title of your original letter as there wasn't a word of truth in your lame response.

You honestly think President Trump is going to prison? They failed to impeach him twice. Now it's a wild goose chase where they're targeting him, as they did with the Obama DOJ, and other people, such as Giuliani, while ignoring the Hunter Biden's of the world. I'm sure CNN has not covered any of that.

And yes, Creepy Joe the kid sniffer. His dear friend was Senator Byrd who was deeply rooted in the KKK, which would explain his 1994 Crime Bill, one of the only real accomplishments he can claim, which was inherently racist. That would explain Hunter's open use of the N word, which was also glassed over by the MSM. Could you imagine if any of President Trump's kids would have done anything of the sort?

Voter suppression laws? You're out of your tree man. Why are you so afraid of Trump? Why does the left try so hard to not have the voting system updated? Lawsuits to stop audits and verifications? Could it be because the fix is already in?

You people? I bet you're still hanging on Fauci's every word and wearing your mask too. Care to wager? Please turn off your TV and enjoy the incredible inflation, which I'm sure is also President Trump's fault. So predictable.


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