Not appreciative


Re: Thank you to former mayor

Yes we appreciate the .88 increase in the general sales tax bringing us up to 9.6 percent while still keeping a 3 percent grocery tax.

We also appreciate you breaking your promise and not allowing the people a vote on our increased sales tax.

Nobody doubts the town can’t find a place to spend the extra money, but it sure would’ve been nice if all of us could have voted on it.

Dave Golembewski

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Jack Hastings

I apologize for my mispelling. Good catch Paul.Message remains the same.

Paul Frommelt

Well Jeff...I mean 'jack' least Phil can spell correctly! "Lazer"?? Really! Yeah, you're super "accurate"! Ha Ha!

Jack Hastings

Thank you so! much Phil.Your responses and deflection makes my responses lazer accurate as usual. Keep it up good buddy.Thanks again

Phil Mason

Is "deflection" your Word for the Month? If you are going to utilize this new verbiage, you should at least look up the definition of your Word for the Month. A clarification that destroys an unfounded position with documented and sources facts is hardly a deflection. It is a complete refutation of a false premise or screed. Oh, you are welcome.

Phil Mason

Nuanced sarcasm is otiose for you. The actions of the former Mayor was so appreciated that he and his council supporters were defeated by a virtual newcomer to town. Raising taxes without the support of the taxpayers is dynamically different than suggesting that every expenditure decision should be voted on by the residents. Get a grip. Build a bridge and get over the fact that you and your cabal of good ol boys lost the last election. You are sounding more like AOC every day.

Jack Hastings

It was nice of you to concede to all the other good things he acomplished as Mayor of Payson.I agree about the voting thing.I wish the current council would have given us a chance to vote on the $900,000.00 internet giveaway.Steve Smith suggest a vote of the people.You and Steve Smith appear to have a lot in common.

Phil Mason

Promises Made - Promises Broken Not a surprise for the local swamp denizens.

Jack Hastings

Well it's a good thing he did or our town would now be in dire financial trouble.The current council was just celebrating what good financial shape the town was in thanks to Craig Swartwood. I feel the same way about the latest $900,000.00 cable one handout. 3 separate televised meetings they asked for $100,000,000.00 which would have triggered prop 402 .On the day of the vote it was magically reduced to $900,000.00. Isn't that what is called voter suppression?It would have been nice if us tax payers had a vote on that. I believe Steve Smith suggested just that on the day of the vote.He and you share the same concerns it seems.

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