Nothing to fear if there’s nothing to hide


Tuesday’s (Aug. 27) page 1 headline claims recall gains steam. Page 2 is a paid ad for the recall. How ironic.

Roundup readers are led to believe that the recall movement is “gaining steam” because “the group has an office ...” and gathered “several sheets filled with 15 signatures per sheet.”

The Roundup claims the mayor appointed himself and two other council members to a review committee (but fails to mention that the committee will also include four citizen members as well).

Sure looks like some people, don’t want anybody looking closely at the town’s past deals.

There’s speculation and innuendo about sunshine violations by the new council majority, but somebody sure is going to a lot of trouble to keep the sun from shining on those past agreements.

Simple question: If those deals are without fault, who cares if the new mayor and council members snoop around? If there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing to fear.

Spending thousands on a special election to shut down an investigation into past deals might benefit certain interested parties who made the deals, but what about Payson taxpayers?

There’s a scheduled election in 2020. What’s the rush? Aside from personalities, good ol’ boy politics, and firing a nicely compensated civil servant after 25 years of service, what are the complaints? New ideas? A different management style? Nobody but town staff should review town deals? Preferred vendors? Special interests? If there’s nothing to hide, open the books and let’s have a look.

Charlie Seraphin, Payson

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(5) comments

Jack Hastings

Phil- Are you seriously going to once again ignore the message and deflect back to a person.This is a worn out tactic that just reinforces the message is correct.Your verbose responses make you appear a bit manic.You might tone it down a bit to be believable.

Paul Frommelt

It should be noted that I have offered to meet "jack" at his/her convenience (pick a day and time) at the Roundup office to exchange pleasantries and id's. He/she has refused, taking the congenial offer as a threat! a threat of what? Honest disclosure and proof of authenticity?

Phil Mason

Jack, I ignore nothing of consequence. I also give no value to irrelevancies. Thanks for the advice about believability from a person who is a coward who will not identify himself.

As to a message, the only message you and your friends are conveying is that you thirst for power and, perhaps, more importantly, you are afraid what will be discovered if there is an audit of previous activities. You appear like a two bit off-broadway impersonation of the Clapper, Brennan, Comey Page, Strok production.

Jack Hastings

After 9 months of dysfunction the Payson taxpayers have had enough!This '' What are they hiding?'' conspriacy theory is nothing more than a defection from a poor performance review and it is what a guilty person says and crazy.Our town is nothing short of dysfunctional under the lack of qualified leadership of these people.Plain and simple we have had enough .They took this path .Not us.

Phil Mason

Jack or whatever your real name is, your high handed supercilious manifests - while hiding under a pseudonym that violates the rules of this publication - is the very soul of a propaganda campaign usually associated with dictators like Maduro, Noriega and the Castro brothers. The fact that it is happening in Payson and therefore does not affect national or international affairs does not limit its equivalence.

Your jihad against the duly elected Mayor and Councilors actually parallels what America is experiencing with the Nadler, Mad Maxine and AOC attacks on the new leadership in Washington, D.C.

If you ever decide to ratchet up the calcium between your neck and buttocks and post under your real name, it might add a minimal amount of credibility to your grotesque imputations.

The good news is that you have now admitted that you are part of the cabal that is creating the ongoing open warfare in Payson to the detriment of everyone. The Roundup has clearly identified Evans, Swartwood, Connell, Garner, and Carpenter as players in the Recall concocted allegations and now we can officially add you - - or are you indeed one of the above? PS: You not only took the path, you created the path by clear cutting through virgin timber for your own self interests. Sad indeed.

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