As the proposition on recreational marijuana has passed in the state of Arizona our council has to vote to approve a sales facility. Or not.

The Town of Payson only receives 2.88% tax on sales. The state gets the rest and it’s well over 20%. Our tax 2.88% is the same that we take in on food and goods in the town. If they sell $1 million in recreational pot we will receive under 30K in sales taxes.

In my opinion the tax is not enough to cover the increase in rehabilitation costs and counseling for our youth. Not to mention the increase in crime, accidents and court costs.

Look up the statistics in Colorado. Kids under 21 will have more access to it also. I’m not opposed to your rights to medical or recreational marijuana, but do we need to sell recreational pot in Payson’s small community so close to our schools?

Please share your opinions with the town council.

Dave Golembewski

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Dave Golembewski

I think it has been proven to be a gateway drug to other dangerous drugs . Also it’s my opinion and I think we’ll have more problems in town when we open up another facility with rec pot ..Maybe the gyms will increase memberships and have smoke rooms then .🤷‍♂️😊Like I said it’s my opinion and people should voice their opinions to the council .

Steve Brule

If you had been paying attention you would already know that the medical dispensary was on the same road as the school and yet now you're complaining after what 5 plus years? There's more than 19 states with recreational and everytime you say "look up colorados statistics" what does that even mean? Nobody goes to rehab for weed we go to the gym because we ate too much cake.

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