Residents of Payson and Star Valley should sleep a little easier knowing a lake is part of the plan for the new Granite Dells Park Project.

Water is a critical resource in firefighting, both for suppressing structural fires and for defending structures from wildland fires. When firefighters arrive at a fire, they need a dependable and ready supply of water. But in most rural and mountainous areas of Payson, there are no high-pressure water mains and fire hydrants to deliver the water. Instead, fire districts must rely on equipment and personnel to move water from local water sources to the fire. This can be a slow and time-consuming process that requires coordination of many resources. Water sources are all too often a long distance from the fire, and it can take a great deal of time and effort to transport the water to where it is needed. Additionally, transporting water requires equipment and personnel that could otherwise be utilized for fighting fire. The lack of readily available water can seriously impair the ability of firefighters to do their job in a safe and effective manner. If firefighters are unable to maintain an uninterrupted supply of water on the fire, the result can be a relatively unchecked spread of the fire, leading to the complete loss of structures or an extension of the fire beyond the capabilities of the emergency personnel involved.

Static bodies of water (lakes) are used as water supplies for firefighting.

To fight forest fires, and in certain other outdoor situations, water is usually pumped from a nearby natural source such as a lake. Aircraft which drop water on a forest fire usually draw that water from a lake or reservoir.

The Granite Dells Park lake will offer a water source to increase fire response time drastically. Our brave first responders and town will have a much-needed layer of protection.

Thank you to RCEF for all the time, expense, and effort for keeping us safer and creating an amazing recreational opportunity. Any reasonable person would understand such a large undertaking will take time to complete. I have my fishing pole ready and looking forward to a hike with my grandchildren in such a beautiful location.

I am looking forward to enjoying this new amenity and I for one will sleep easier knowing it is there.

Jeff Robbins

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Dave Golembewski

Another good reason star valley who is on the rcea board should pitch in for the new park if they use it too ? I’ll fish in the new pond too but do you know if it will be big enough to draw water from in a fire ?

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