In the last 16 months, Mayor Tom Morrissey and Vice Mayor Janell Sterner have created a $3 million deficit.

With the COVID-19 economic impact coming, we have no town reserves to continue town services as we know it.

They just signed a contract for outside the area legal counsel for $240,000 (plus costs) that will effectively double our town’s legal costs.

They both voted YES to raise our taxes because they mishandled our town finances.

Town meetings are disorganized and an embarrassment. There is a lack of transparency, public comment is discouraged and a predetermined lockstep vote on bad decisions prevails.

They have savagely attacked our largest charity that just rescued our food bank.

They illegally tried to dismantle a good company and remove its legally appointed board members.

They attacked the dual-credit scholarship program children depend on.

They cost the town thousands in legal fees.

They demonized the residents of whole communities here and divided this town for no reason.

The town boards and commissions are packed with no-growth cronies.

We have no town manager. We have no town attorney.

Our town staff is under attack. They planned to fire our town magistrate.

They have ignored the needs of our first responders.

Poor planning and bad spending decisions have left Payson broke and dysfunctional. Too many unfulfilled promises. Too many secrets. Too many bad decisions.

Wake up Payson, we can’t afford to leave them in office.

They and known supporters David Golembewski and Deborah Rose Ellis want to run for election to perpetuate this ruinous cycle?

Not with my vote.

Jeff Robbins, Payson

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(4) comments

Phil Mason

Thanks Jeff. While no one likes the sound of a rattlesnake, it is somewhat beneficial that you can identify the danger in advance of the strike. It must be high stakes political season when Kenny allows one of his henchmen to come out into the town square from his hole under the rocks.

Payson 2020 reminds one of a Zane Gray novel where a retired US Marshal has to return from retirement to defeat the villains that are trying to take over the town for personal power.

The good citizens of Payson owe a debt of gratitude that will be hard to repay to Mayor Morrissey for his sacrifices in service to our future.

Joe Knows

This happens in small towns a lot. We moved out of one in 2015 because the city counsel had some wacky idea to put a bridge over the train tracks and have a ramp come right down our property line. Then they got bamboozled by a fraudster who wanted to put in a $1B 100+ acre movie studio right across the street from our house. Every land owner in the vicinity signed letter of intent to sell their undeveloped farmland for top dollar. The fraudster was later uncovered, but the landowners had their property taxes increased because of the bogus offer. Meanwhile, the city council was mesmerized by the fraudster pitching the movie studio until the very end. A lot of the local residents called out the sham from the beginning. You can probably guess which town I am referring to, which has a population less than Payson.

Paul Frommelt

Yep. The same thing happened a few years back here. We thought they were gone, but like a cancer, it keeps coming back, because the core malignancy is still lurking in the background...waiting for the next election.

Paul Frommelt

First I want to congratulate Jeff Robbins for actually using his real name. It is refreshing to see him with the decency to take ownership of this article, unlike his daily rants and posts on social media.. While his figures, statistics and assumptions are all incorrect, his identity, at least here, is. Good job Jack, or Don, or Ned, or whatever profile you will use next time. Your honesty in this letter is, well, unexpected!

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