They have spoken


Dan Beatty is so right in his letter to the editor. Citizens of Payson must unite.

This recall has shown the true politics of Payson. Unite Payson Political Committee, your names should be listed on the recall notice that is in the Payson Roundup. I guess you are ashamed and well you should be. Omission of your names may show you are cowards.

When we vote for mayor, town council members, and school board members we are not aware of political affiliation. This is wrong! The voters should know, you are a Democrat (liberal) or Republican (conservative). The decision to vote this way needs to change.

We the people voted for CHANGE, and we got it. Now the losers who have controlled this town FOR WAY TOO LONG, want it back! We the people have spoken.

Your ways needed changed, and with our vote we have called for this CHANGE.

Dave Golembewski (8/20/19) in his letter to the editor, stated we need a salary caps. This is also a great IDEA! This was a town of the GOOD OLD BOYS — no more!

When you the losers, lose control and power, you then retaliate and it really shows WE the voters just what kind of people you really are. You have brought the hate from D.C. here to our sleepy little town. This is very sad and hard to believe.

I think the voters are smart enough to see just which side of the aisle you stand on!

Helen Martin, Payson

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Jack Hastings

Katy this is interesting reading as well.

Jack Hastings

Jack Hastings

Pot calling the kettle black! You and Greg F are the Steve Smith recall.The Tea Party is not going to fool us again!

Phil Mason

You seem to have an uncontrollable addiction to the fallacious proposition that anyone that wants to restore integrity in Payson City Government has to be a nefarious member of the Tea Party. HRC tried that tack with the deplorables charge. You are heading to a similar fate.

Katy decker

The Unite Payson Political Action Committee is Stan Garner and Kim Chittick..See attached..they do not use their real addresses.. they use the Recall Storefront.

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