Saddened by lack of compassion for others


I was saddened by the recent front page article describing town council member Suzy Tubbs’ (history of being in an abusive relationship). My sympathies and I was touched by her courage to overcome abuse. I am doubly saddened by her lack of compassion for others that are currently suffering similar circumstances and worse by denying city support to an organization that’s sole purpose is to help others in the domestic violence cycle — the Time Out Shelter.

A recent city council meeting agenda item was presented to support the shelter which is a tool for first responders to provide protection to those suffering and in life-threatening situations and provides counseling to victims and their children. Surprisingly, Suzy Tubbs voted NO to help an organization she readily admits has a vital need. I fear that her ties to a local political party has blinded her compassion to help others that are suffering under the same circumstances as she describes herself surviving.

Are the mayor and the three Tea Party affiliated council members, Suzy Tubbs, Jim Ferris and Janell Sterner, so blinded by political views that they are unwilling to have compassion for people that are truly suffering and deny services to those in need? It is truly shameful and certainly does not reflect the views of first responders and the compassionate population of our town.

Jack Hastings, Payson

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Jack Hastings

Good Morning Mr Sunshine, Good question. I would yes it does.The preamble on the facebook page does not accurately describe the Payson Tea Party's radically far right republican belief's. How can you respect a group that hides behind creative vocabulary.(Paltering) is a true representation of membership status and beliefs.Mr Morrisey has blog at the freedomalliance and sonoran alliance that makes for some insightful reading.The comments to his responses are quite telling.I never asked you or anyone else to agree with me ever.I just present the truth and facts.You sir take offense and deny anyone who may not agree with your republican,far right agenda a voice.I am entitiled to my views just as you are.

Paul Frommelt

Yes Jeff, you are certainly entitled to your own views, as are we. But WE have the honesty to use our real name, and not a pseudonym.

Phil Mason

You are so full of your own bloviating conjecture acquired by your otiose lack of thoughtful research or mental activity. How can you, a person who has no connection to the organization, be so omniscient as to know what is an accurate description of their corporate beliefs? You have the audacity to accuse them of hiding behind creative vocabulary while you are hiding under an assumed name. The fact that NO ONE ever agrees with you indicates that you have at least that much cognizance. I for one never take offense with anything you say. I merely feel it is important to counter your mindless rants with documented facts and I do so dispassionately. To leave the misconceptions, half truths and outright lies from any person in the marketplace without correction is to leave others who are not fully informed on the subject to believe they are true. As Albert Einstein said, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." I refuse to be one of those people.

Phil Mason

Typical irrational hypothesis and unfounded conclusions from a person who does not have the basic honesty to write such junk under his real name. He wants to make others think that somehow he has the insight to know the underlying reasons for why Suzy Tubbs made the decision to vote a particular way on a very tough issue. By reading his underlying thread of ?thought? from multiple letters and comments, it is clear that he has a venal hatred for conservatives - especially anyone who even ascribes to the basic viewpoint of the Tea Party. Poor Jack is simply blinded by his visceral abject hatred that his colleagues lost control of the City Council. His undocumented accusations sound like Joe Scarborough or Joy Behar - simply mindless rants. I have only met Councillor Suzy Tubbs once, but her compassion for those with special needs is unquestioned and proven by her volunteer work and individual investment of time and treasure to those less fortunate.

Paul Frommelt

While on the national scale, anyone who disagrees with President Donald Trump, surely must be a "racist", Surely anyone who disagrees with Jack Hastings, (aka Jeff Robins) must surely be a member of the Tea Party! Does the Tea Party have a membership Jeff?

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