Why not revive Taylor Pool? Or sell it to someone who will? At a meeting of the Mogollon Sporting Association last night, K. Evans announced that the park project on Granite Dells has hit a rock ledge and the MHA has decided to use it as an (unplanned) 800 seat amphitheater. Imagine the surprised look from attending town council members. This news is proof that the MHA will do whatever it likes on the project despite its proposal to the town that has evidently sealed the fate of Taylor Pool, and will likely erase any hope of a new pool of any size or shape in the future at Granite Dells.

In February, a special meeting of the town council was convened to dictate the fate of Taylor Pool based on an incredibly lame “survey,” obviously constructed to seal the fate of the pool without any prices quoted to replace needed equipment or make repairs. The survey is an insult to the town, which deserves to know how much it might cost to rehabilitate an existing asset, versus the pie in the sky offered by MHA. Mr. Evans has been asked about the proposed pool and would not give a direct answer, making it clear that MHA will not be locked into an expensive feature that it has used to sell the park to the town.

Joseph City (population 1600) has a pool for their high school. Sedona (population 10,300) has a pool open year-round. Show Low (population 11,130) has a beautiful indoor/outdoor facility. The list of towns that sport municipal swimming pools, with a smaller population than Payson is extensive, Payson keeps hiring staff instead of making capital improvements for the taxpaying citizens. The staff-to-1000 citizens ratio in Arizona cities and towns averages 7.5. Payson now has about 12.2. Not sure we need a full time person just to fill out forms at Planning/Building. But several requests to have actual professionals survey the pool have been denied by the town manager. Is he also paid by MHA? Sure seems so.

Michael Heather, Payson

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Dave Golembewski

The pool is a hot topic that I got in trouble for talking about and I’m on the parks recs board . Oops . I do like the the new park and lake especially for users on the east side town . Saying that since the RCEA board has 3 Members fro Star Valley and they will use the park I expect them to pitch in also. On the pool I support a new pool / rec center but I also wanted the Taylor pool kept open till a new one could be built . I was not satisfied nor allowed to vote on the pool closing or repairs needed . Ps it was functional but closed to Covid and it should not have been drained or propane tanks removed and abandoned without estimates .

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