It is hard to understand why the Town of Payson is so far behind on the retirement debt for the police and firemen. It seems within the last couple of years the people were going to be taxed more to eliminate their deficit? They get behind by maybe spending money foolishly on splash pads for youngsters when a new pool would probably be less expensive and more usable.

They also came out in support of backing a new subdivision in the Doll Baby Ranch area. What a farce that would be. 721 sites for mobile homes (probably manufactured homes) with no entrance provided to get into the area easily and once in it seems it would be almost impossible for large units to negotiate smaller sharp turns. Also, 721 homes could mean 350 more cars would be traveling West Main Street. Seems like the traffic around the Green Valley Park area could be a dangerous situation. It also seems with that much more traffic would drive business away from the local business people as it would be all but impossible to handle the traffic and people would just go elsewhere. Would they be taxed more living there to keep our roads up to par? The highfalutin residences are to gain water from wells that would be drained from our near wells and they would be also hauling their waste refuse down Main Street. If the county approves this without an independent, new wide access road and lower concentration of homes, it might be workable. With the continuous drought, it doesn’t seem like they could guarantee a 100-year supply of water for those people. AND PAYSON WOULD PROBABLY END UP HAVING TO SUPPLY THEIR NEEDS AS THE CONTRACTORS SURE WOULDN’T. More people in a confined area, more big problems yet to surface.

Also the new park on the east side of town impacting the travel on current local roads, “Eliminate the entrance and exits to Hwy. 260. Does this make sense to place our town, let alone the people having to face more serious problems? Seems like we are overpaying the planners that are supposedly managing our town.

C.W. Carter, Payson

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