Just wanted to speak for the folks of Payson about this win-win brush pile at the rodeo grounds. The big heavy storm hit trees that were stressed for most of the past year and we discovered the branches couldn’t bend any more ... they simply broke.

We’ve had a number of storms this big since ‘79, the year we moved to Payson, but never has there been as much damage as this storm. Our trees were brittle.

As my wife and I hauled a load to the county landfill prior to the opening our pop-up pit, I mentioned that we need to call the mayor and the Town of Payson and see if they might consider having a burn pile at the event center. I forgot to call. But somebody read my mind and did even better.

We got the brush pile.

We don’t have to haul it on the highway.

We don’t have to pay for it.

We don’t have to worry about people trashing the forest.

We are getting it hauled away.

According to the men at the event center who are doing the amazing job of keeping it all in one organized pile with the big bucket, it will be chipped and hauled to Show Low where it will be turned into biofuel.

This, according to the driver of the equipment, will be free to the town.

The factory in Show Low gets free material.

We get a free brush pit in town.

We get to social distance and still meet some happy folks of Payson who are just trying to get through this one more thing.

Every time my wife and I have taken a load to the event center, someone finished with their load has helped me unload mine or I help someone with theirs.

This might be something to consider doing weekly and year-round ... another cleared area could be prepared by the town ... to encourage the Firewise landscaping in Payson and the surrounding communities. The “free brush pits” by Pine and on 260 are doing a great job, but they are not free to operate and are closed for a good part of the year. Maybe the Town of Payson could offer this pop-up pit idea when the brush pits are closed ... usually the time when most of us like to do our Firewising. Scottsdale has a free green trash pickup day. Some subdivisions around Payson offer a free brush pickup. People like incentives. It keeps folks happy and eager to do their part. Perhaps this pop-up pit could be the start of something new. Let’s all do our part to preserve and protect God’s beauty.

Roger Rohrbach

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