President got it right about Baltimore


President Trump put the focus on Baltimore recently. He got it right.

For being right on this issue CNN called him a racist over 2,000 times in a single week.

Rats? In 2018, Baltimore was rated one of the “Rattiest Cities” by pest control company Orkin. Although there has been progress in the last few years, Baltimore ranks ninth in rat infestation.

Corruption? Twice in a decade Democrat mayors have been forced from office.

Safety? In 2017, St. Louis had the nation’s highest murder rate, at 66.1 homicides per 100,000 residents. Baltimore came in second at 55.8. The unpleasant fact is that predominantly Democratic-run cities have the worst records of public safety. 2017 data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, listed the 20 major U.S. cities with the highest homicide rates. After St. Louis and Baltimore, Detroit was third. Other cities with high murder rates included New Orleans; Kansas City, Missouri; Cleveland; Memphis and Newark. With a 24.1 per 100,000 murder rate, Chicago ranked ninth in the nation, then Cincinnati and Philadelphia. Washington, D.C., was 17th. All are cities run by Democrats for generations.

Education? In 2016, in 13 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, not one student scored proficient on the state’s mathematics exam. In six other high schools, only 1 percent tested proficient in math. In raw numbers, 3,804 Baltimore students took the state’s math test and 14 tested proficient. Citywide 15 percent of Baltimore students passed the state’s English test. Money is not the problem. Of the nation’s 100 largest school systems, Baltimore schools rank third in spending per pupil.

Baltimore’s students receive diplomas that attest that they can function at a 12th-grade level when in fact they may not be able to do so at an eighth-grade level. These students and their families have little reason to suspect that their diplomas are fraudulent.

Drugs? Almost 800 people lost their lives to drugs in Baltimore, the worst record in the nation.

Why does CNN think that pointing out obvious truth is racist?

Andy McKinney, Star Valley

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(2) comments

James Wise

"Why does CNN think that pointing out obvious truth is racist?"

I don't remember anyone denying that large sections of Baltimore suffer from a catalog of ills. I don't recall that the man who is also President in Maryland presented a statistical argument any more than he offered up a solution. I think what rattled some cages were the "rat-infested," "go back where you came from" imagery that the President chose to conjure in diverting attention from criticism of problems in ICE border facilities. I agree that CNN coverage beat the "r" word into the ground. A better service might be simply to keep, without comment, a running compendium sorted by topic, of Presidential pronouncements. They speak for themselves.

Phil Mason

Since Cummings and his Demonicrat fellow elected officials in Baltimore have been in office for almost three decades, how has the problem gotten so bad with $16,000,000,000.00 in federal funds just last year? A large portion of Baltimore IS rat infested just like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Trenton, etc.

Pointing out the facts may be the saving grace for the residents of those cities where the problem has been ignored for generations.

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