Shirley Dye’s letter to the editor on Nov. 22 claiming the president’s rights are being violated is typical Republican propaganda. The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is following the same constitutionally mandated procedures the Republican-controlled House did while investigating President Clinton. Then, as now, both parties have called witnesses, interviewed them and have been able to have their legal counsel participate.

Dye and her fellow Republicans are entitled to their opinions, of course, but they are not entitled to their own version of the facts.

Fact one: The president is not formally accused of anything at this time. Therefore, there is no trial going on and, therefore, Dye’s claim of Democratic delays, secret meetings, etc. are simply false. She doesn’t tell you that the president, on the other hand, has hurt his own cause by ordering White House personnel not to cooperate with the investigation. Thankfully, patriotic members of his administration, several of whom he appointed (these are not Democrats) have come forth with firsthand reports that he did attempt to force (extort/bribe) the president of the Ukraine to investigate Trump’s main political rival here at home by withholding $400 million in military aid. Ukraine is a major ally against Russia, our sworn enemy. Twenty-four Russians have been charged or accused of interfering with our elections by the United States Department of Justice. No wonder the press is paying attention.

Fact two: If a majority of U.S. House members believe there is enough evidence to charge the president with crimes as defined in the Constitution, they can vote to impeach him. Impeachment is a statement of charges not a verdict. The Republican-controlled Senate becomes the jury. They control the trial — long or short, not the Democrats. If there is an impeachment trial, we’ll see if this Republican Senate has any integrity at all in the way it handles the trial. So far some of its leaders have said they aren’t even reading the transcript.

I urge all Payson area residents to pay attention to this process. It is our American system of government at work. It is the process our Founding Fathers created to make sure no one, including the president is above the law and becomes a dictator. Our democracy depends upon holding all elected officials to account regardless of party.

Ric Hinkie, Payson

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