Whoever is president of the United States faces many challenges.

Biden’s challenges:

1) Getting out of Afghanistan efficiently. His response was a total failure with loss of lives of military personnel; and we still have some American citizens who have not escaped to come home.

2) Biden’s economy is a disaster. Prices on almost everything are soaring (gas is up 50%) and inflation is running rampant; worst in last 30 years.

3) The flow of illegal immigrants has increased dramatically since Donald Trump left office. This is because of Biden’s failed immigration policy. He put Kamala Harris in charge and it took her two months to find the southern border, not to mention reported dysfunction in her office.

4) California, Oregon, and Washington experienced a horrible fire season; money could have been spent to thin the forests; that amount of money is miniscule compared to the loss of many homes and other structures. Finally, GOD sent rain to extinguish the flames that Biden didn’t.

5) It seems that the Covid pandemic has hit Biden as badly as it hit Trump despite the fact that Biden had a vaccine available and Trump did not.

Which of these challenges has Biden successfully navigated? The answer clearly is none. His approval rating has plummeted to 41% and that number is headed downward. Unfortunately, we cannot impeach a president for being incompetent. Come 2024 I will not vote for Biden or Trump; Trump would have my recommendation to become chief economic adviser and I would vote for Christy Noem (present governor of South Dakota) for president.

Gerald R. Rutz, Payson

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Dave Golembewski

👍 vote all Democrats out in 2022 first as they are trying to take away our freedoms and ruin our country 🇺🇸🙏

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