Proud to be

an Arizonan

As a proud resident of our beloved state for nearly 50 years, I was gratified at both the turnout and the direction that our Arizona voters took in our 2018 mid-term elections. Our weather has always been wonderful, our scenery spectacular, our people positive, and our diversity delightful, but our Achille’s heel has been our state politics.

One party rule has prevailed in Arizona almost always for the five decades I’ve been a resident and this political monopoly has not been beneficial to the vast majority of our residents.

Our deep red status as a state has faded bit with the recent victories of Kyrsten Sinema, Katie Hobbs, Kathy Hoffman, and Sandra Kennedy. This is a positive for all of us, since one party rule begets budget hearings in secret, rampant cronyism, and a “we can do anything we want” mentality because there are no checks and balances.

A totally red or blue state is not in our best interest because it fosters a lack of cooperation, compromise and consideration.

I’m hoping in 2020 that the Democrats take control of either the state Senate or state House. A divided government where neither party has absolute power and they are forced to seek common ground for the public good is positive for the vast majority of us voters that are proud to call Arizona our home.

The 2020 elections could be a harbinger of good things to come politically for our “purple” state.

Richard K. Meszar

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