In regards to “What pro-life isn’t,” by Patrice B. Crossman. Thank you for putting into words how so many of us feel. I believe that that beating heart is another human being with a soul that a woman has the privilege of carrying and nurturing in her womb. Yes, it is My Body My Choice, but it is not Their Body My Choice.

Allyn Deifenbaugh, Payson

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Bill Knauss

The killing of another human being is my business. The suffering and death of other people should be of great concern to all of us. As the late President Reagan once said, “As a former fetus, I oppose abortion.”

Abortion doesn’t just involve the women’s body; it involves the body of another human being. I don’t have to be Jewish to condemn the Holocaust. I don’t need to be Sudanese to be outraged over the genocide in South Sudan. I don’t need to be Iraqi to care that Daesh is murdering, raping, torturing, and killing people. Why are men who are supporters of abortion welcome to their opinions?

According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. How can 1.7 billion dead children in the past 40 years have no effect on me? How is that not my business?

Steve Brule

I believe that anyone with a p*nis should have 0 say in what happens to a woman or what happens to the fetus she is carrying. I believe it's time to stop believing in fairytales and grow up. Do the billions and billions of single celled creatures that came before us have souls? Why are we so special? If some of you had your way we would be a theocracy much like Iran or Afghanistan.

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