Since Barbi Buchanan has decided to tell me how the “Cow ate the Cabbage” in her opinion letter to me, I have decided to tell her how “Mr. Robin ate the Worm.”

The wall she speaks of started by Clinton and Obama was nothing more than a 6-foot ladder barrier, not what Trump is building now. There is in place and has been for decades, an FBI background check on the purchase of firearms. If straight men who are pedophiles are the ones molesting our young boys, then why has the number of cases gone way up since gays are allowed to be Scout leaders? When the sign reads “for families” that means a woman could take her daughter in the restroom not knowing a man is in there exposed. It is unbelievable that anyone would think a child should have to wait for her father to take her in a bathroom, a bathroom where no man should be, except her father who isn’t always around. As far as three Democrats lowering the national debt, there must be a vacant sign here, raising it by trillions to give all health care is beyond any reason. That doesn’t rein in the debt, that turns it loose to run wild.

Enough of this, people who read opinions will make up their own minds on this.

Dell Owens, Payson

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Ted Paulk

Oh Dell, Doubling down on your false letter, akin to Donald Trump's tactics, ain't gonna work on the intelligent people of Rim Country. But I'm sure the Tea Party will be happy to buy you a glass of sweet tea. Ted.

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