Regarding a recent letter from Mr. Liesener published in the Roundup maybe he should open his Bible and reexamine his true heart, because his statements obviously lean toward bigotry and divisiveness.

I agree we should not defund law enforcement agencies, nor should we continue the abomination that is abortion — a well greased cog in the capitalist wheel of big pharma and the wealthy — which no president has addressed meaningfully since Reagan. Thank goodness the states are starting to fight back. Our government needs to reform many of its agencies, including unemployment insurance and an abstruse tax code favoring the rich and powerful. But it’s doubtful he is even familiar with our poverty guidelines and the abject fact of discriminatory practices which bar opportunity for those who don’t fit a preferred profile. Being paid to stay home can’t even begin to reverse this malady.

Jesus loves all persons of any gender, race or nationality, even birthing mothers and wokeness teachers like MLK. He loves people in need such as asylum seekers and prisoners still incarcerated on marijuana charges. Jesus would support CRT because it’s the truth, the way and the life that many people in our country have suffered, beginning with Native Americans. Socialism is what Jesus taught, while Capitalism has a long history of enslaving and otherwise marginalizing many of the creator’s children. As for Communism, Mr. Leisener might need a brush-up in social studies. This country is nowhere near that theory when every citizen can own multiple automatic weapons in defense of tyranny then walk into crowded places and open fire. Finally, numerous inane recounts of ballots should not be at all taxpayers’ expense, but rather charged to the challengers. Our election laws in Arizona protect the rights of all voters and have worked well for decades.

What needs to be canceled is Mr. Liesener’s veiled animosity for anyone not exactly like him. In contrast to the last administration, the current one promotes inclusion vs. exclusion, encourages tolerance vs. hatred, and favors peaceful confrontation vs. treason. I’m proud of my brothers and sisters who are paving the way to a new and just paradigm.

The most important question for Christians is: What would Jesus do?

Kelly Branding, Payson

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