Re: No place for military grade weapons


Mr. Paulk really should bone up on his American history before exposing his ignorance on the subject.

EVERY firearm owned by American citizens, since the inception of our representative republic has been the weapon of the military. In fact, every firearm ever invented has its roots in the military, save the dangerous game “double rifle.” Smooth bore musket, single shot falling bock, lever action, semi-automatic; all military weapons.

Those that bemoan that the musket was the only rifle in existence ignore the fact that the musket was the most awesome shoulder fired weapon on the planet at the time. We are not allowed to own the most powerful shoulder fired weapons these days.

Firearms and schools have been part of the American fabric for a couple of centuries. These spree shootings, a couple of decades. We don’t have a gun problem, rather a disturbed, undisciplined people problem.

Final question for Ted Paulk: when you hit your thumb when driving a nail do you blame the hammer?

Gary Evenson, Tonto Basin

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Phil Mason

Gary left out one important FACT. More people are killed with hammers than with guns. If you are concerned about the lives of our children and grandchildren, you should focus on outlawing hammers. In the meantime, the other FACT that you should put into the decision process is that mass murders happen in gun free zones where only the law abiding follow the gun prohibition. The potential mass murders have only been stopped by law abiding private citizens who stopped the criminal before there were any law enforcement personnel on site. Ruminate on that FACT!

Ted Paulk

BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS before YOUR children/grandchildren are murdered.

Paul Frommelt

Oh Ted, you crack me up! As an Army veteran who trained on the M16-A1, and a current owner of an AR-15, I can assure you that the current models being sold are definitely NOT military grade. But of course as a veteran, you would know that, if not blinded by the spew of rhetoric. Unless of course, the B.S. after your name has a different meaning!

Ted Paulk

Hey Gary Evenson,

FYI,I have a BS in History and Psychology.

I have an AA in Law Enforcement.

I am a Vietnam Vet discharged with the rank of Sergeant E-5.

I am a former Police Sergeant.

Ted Paulk

Dan Varnes

With all that theoretical education, it seems like you'd be embarrassed to proclaim to the world that you're clueless on why we have the Second Amendment.

There are many high school graduates in Payson that would be happy to educate you on our God-given right to keep and bear arms. (Here's a hint: It's NOT about duck hunting)

Phil Mason

I second that emotion. The Second Amendment is the only reason we still have the Bill of Rights including the First Amendment.

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