In response to Mr. Rutz and the “President’s challenges.”

All of the challenges President Biden has faced, with integrity I might add, unlike the entire Trump administration (how many are under legal investigation?) are leftovers from Trump’s failures.

1. Trump decided to leave Afghanistan and it was his intelligence team that left us thinking we could leave under decent conditions. Wrong.

2. Trump’s economy was riding high only on the debt — $3.1 trillion — he created. We are all now paying the price for those gifts to the uber wealthy.

3. Illegal immigration challenges were not handled by Trump either, just left for Biden to deal with.

4. The horrible fires in the West are the result of global warming which Trump denies exists and those forests and ours here in Arizona need federal dollars to thin and protect.

5. Covid deaths from Trump’s denial of its seriousness and his unwillingness to push vaccinations has resulted in over 700,000 dead Americans. Biden has pushed masking, vaccination incentives and mandates which are opposed by Trump supporters in the Congress and elsewhere.

6. Americans are divided like never before, thanks to Trump and his cult followers. Claiming that election was rigged which is questioning the very foundation of America’s Constitution, is unpardonable. Look at the violence on Jan. 6 and since then all across America. Democrat Al Gore, elected by a majority of Americans in 2000 who had the conservative Supreme Court stop the recount had a much more legitimate claim, but had the integrity and love of America to let it go.

7. Trump supporting congressmen threaten anarchy, murder, and encourage insurrection.

Thank God, Joe Biden is president. Yes, he has many challenges to face, but we need to be with him, not trying to blame him for the results of the obstructionist, Big Lie supporting Republican leadership that divides our nation. In spite of them, we have the Build Back America plans in place with more real solutions awaiting bipartisan action.

Ric Hinkie

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(3) comments

Dave Golembewski

In all fairness you called us Trump Cult followers so you must be Biden Cult followers. I’ll follow Trump over a country destroying Biden anyday and proudly profess it . Go Trump 🇺🇸

Don Manthe

"And I'm not going to let facts get in the way of my right to be conned"....🙄🙄

Ted Paulk

Truth...for a change.

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