A protester on the corner of 87 and 260 April 5.

Release the report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team have been carrying out an investigation for two years, and on March 14, representatives in Washington, D.C. voted to release the Mueller report. It was a bipartisan vote, 420 to 0. Congress members, Republicans and Democrats alike want the full report, and they must have it.

The House Judiciary Committee set an April 2 deadline for William Barr, U.S. attorney general, to turn over the full report to them. When the deadline passed, more than 320 groups around the U.S. marched on April 4 to demand the release of Mueller’s report.

A small group in Payson carried signs supporting the release of the report. Hundreds of people honked, smiled, and gave “thumbs up” signs. It is clear that many, many people in our community support the effort to get the report into the open, and people across the board want the facts.

Barr says Congress will receive the report by mid April. The full report will eventually be made available to the public (minus some likely redactions). No matter what the report includes, it is the right of our Congress (first) and us, the citizens, to read it and consider the facts. Following these procedures and making pertinent information public are important to ensuring that our Constitution, the rule of law, and our rights are all protected.

Let’s move forward together and allow our system of checks and balances to work. We may not all agree on everything, but we are all entitled to transparency from our government and certainly on this issue. Our democracy is at stake.

Teresa Kelleher, Payson

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Ty Lewis

Elections matter. If we as citizens had to read and approve of everything, first we would have no time for work or family, second our form of government would be a 100% democracy. We are a Representative republic, we vote people in to look at this stuff make decisions based on our best interest, along with following the Constitution first then the Laws they passed. The Press should be doing their job by reporting in facts ONLY then we decide, but sadly the press is failing us as badly our worse then OUR government is.

Ty Lewis

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