In the past I’ve been accused of posting anti-Gosar stuff that wasn’t verifiable.

It goes with the territory in this Republican community and it is expected.

What is the verifiable truth, public record, is that every Arizona Republican representative — Gosar, Biggs, Lesko and Schweikert, voted against providing funds to increase baby formula production.

These four voted against allowing baby formula to be provided to poor families through the WIC program.

They voted against military support for Ukraine.

And for those who are diabetic ...

These four voted AGAINST lowering the price of insulin!

Rep. Schweikert falsely claimed that a “cure for diabetes is available,” to justify his vote.

These “lawmakers” are opposed to a woman’s right to choose.

A fact that is also on public voting records.

It’s a while until the mid-terms, but as you listen to these candidates make their pitches, remember what they really stand for ... big pharma, Trump’s race baiting, anti-education funding, to name a few.

These politicians are hurting all people in need ... regardless of party affiliation.

Remember in November.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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Dave Golembewski

Remember in November with the Democrats in charge we have Yuuge inflation with $5 a gallon gas / Afghanistan in a mess / War with Ukraine on sleepy joes watch and Crimeria with Obama / Shot and Mask Mandates / Open Borders . CRT . Talk of taking away gun rights . Ps need I go on . Yes remember November vote Republican if you want to save our Country. Pray too Democrats want to take God away from you too 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

Ted Paulk

Such a pile of the usual manure from Mr. Golembewski...

Same old bull being shoveled by the same old crowd.

Republican politicians recently voted against gas price gouging rules. $$$ from rich donors are the most important factors to Republican politicians.

Ted Paulk

Breaking News

Fourteen elementary school children killed by one of the guns we libtards are trying to remove from you paranoid gun lovers.


Ted Paulk


I took your god...

She is on the cabinet in my closet.

Wanna buy her back?

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