What’s the problem with Republicans?

My wife experienced insults and bullying while at Sonora Quest lab in Payson recently. She was in for a simple blood test when an employee asked three gentlemen (I use this term loosely) that they needed to put face masks on. One man replied “anything for you sweety” and as he put on the mask said, “bitch.” My wife who was observing all this replied to the man, ”That was rude.” He replied to her sarcastically, ”Sorry if I offended you.”

Another man who was asked to put a mask on said, “She must be a Democrat.” My wife said that she was but what does that have to do with masks? The first man that started everything then asked my wife if she wanted to hear a good joke. She said, “What?” He told her to go look in a mirror.

Is this the kind of behavior that is acceptable to Republicans? I hope not. These are the types of people that give Republicans a bad name. Mr. Trump would be proud of them because this is the type of behavior that he has set as an example.

There is no need to insult or bully people just because their political beliefs are different than yours.

John Cheely, Payson

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