I would like to thank all the wonderful people, businesses, ministries, and organizations that came together to help make Church on the Street Payson’s third annual Save Our Streets event a wonderful success. Based on estimates of those in attendance we were able to serve around 200 people.

Lots and lots of good food was served. Many were able to find new and lightly used clothes donated by many incredible people. There were free medical check-ups, 2 live bands and various other live music. 13 free haircuts were given. Four people gave their lives over to Jesus Christ and were baptized, securing for themselves a place for all eternity in a Paradise otherwise known as Heaven.

Thank you to all the wonderful guys at Church on the Street Payson for opening their home and especially the directors Joey Long and Dan Burns. Thank you to the two dozen or so volunteers from Church on the Street in the Valley and their fearless leaders Pastor Daniel Blackwin and Pastor Walt Rattray. Thank you to Anita Christy and New Beginnings, to Pete Greer and his creation science ministry, to Christine Krauss from Calvary Chapel as well as all the good people from Calvary for their support. Thank you to Sandy Navarro from Mountain Bible Church for all her help and her husband Pete Navarro and his awesome band the Thone Together Band. Thank you to the band from Renacer Church for their wonderful music. Thank you to Overcomer’s Church for their help. Thank you to Mayor Morrissey and Vice Mayor Sterner for visiting us. I apologize if I missed anybody.

Thank you also to all those who helped get the word out. Thanks to KRIM radio and especially to Steve Ray and Debbie Farrell from KMOG for their live remotes.

It was an amazing day, and it was all for the Glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bob Hugeri, Church on the Street, Payson

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