It is a pleasure and an honor for us to recommend Jolynn Schinstock for Payson Town Council. Let us share with you a few things we know about her.

The Schinstocks have been our neighbors for 12 years. When the coronavirus hit our community, Jolynn volunteered to buy our groceries for us. She consistently did this, every week, for months so we could safely stay home and avoid the stores. She did this happily and never made us feel like we were intruding or an obligation. She has a servant’s heart. We know that if we need help with anything, she is right there to lend a hand.

Also, we have lived in Payson for over 20 years and we have never seen so much confusion and lack of respect in our local government which seems to have started two years ago. Jolynn is honest, ethical, ambitious, thorough and always willing to help others. This is why she should be on the council. She will be a great asset and will add value to the current council construct.

It is also important to point out that Jolynn beat her opponent in the primary election by 169 votes. She just barely missed the state threshold which is why there is a run-off election. The unscrupulous electioneering tactics that took place at all three poll sites should not have been allowed. This group did not genuinely represent the Republican candidates and were able to influence those in town who strictly vote their party’s ticket. If this inappropriate and unprofessional behavior had been stopped, there would not have been a need for a run-off.

We tease each other because we’re Democrats and she’s a Republican but this is a non-partisan race. She will not bring any party politics to the town council. We know she will be unbiased and make decisions on what is good for our town as a whole. She is the best candidate for this position and she has our full support and vote. I hope she has yours too.

Doug and Myra Herbster

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