President Trump has already been impeached, but Senate Republicans voted to retain him in office. Surely his attitude towards our military personnel and other recent events have made some of them question their earlier decision as Trump continues to rack up impeachable offenses. Let’s give the senators a chance for a redo.

Last weekend, the president tweeted “BRAVE PATRIOTS!” to his 80 million followers referring to the large caravan of counter-demonstrators that paint-balled BLM demonstrators in Portland. Yet, he refers to our fallen military heroes as “LOSERS and SUCKERS.” His tweets and other encouraging statements to the radical right will result in similar confrontations in other cities. This constitutes the federal crime of inciting riot and should be prosecuted under the same laws that the rioters and looters must be prosecuted.

I realize that this administration does not care about any existing rules of law that would interfere with its agenda. Seven felony convictions or indictments of the president’s inner circle demonstrates total disregard for the rule of law. But we citizens do care about the rule of law, we care for our military people and we care for our democratic institutions as should our president. Congress must act.

Hawkeye Mathews, a lifelong Republican

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Phil Mason

As a Preacher's Kid, I recognize the verbiage of Hawkeye and Ted. It is similar to expressions of atheism by those who have rebelled against God's laws. When people revert to base philosophies, they become almost incoherent.I

PS, in case you are uninformed about the process to "fire" a president, it is called an election. Hopefully those who support your position will do so within the framework of the Constitution, however, every indication so far is they will try to reach their goal thru illegal means. I hope you I not support such treasonous actions.

Don Evans

I see our local Antifa, BLM, and George Socialist Soros supporter is having another Trump derangement seizure this early AM.

Ted Paulk

As a former Republican I know where you're coming from. Trump is unfit to serve...Also unfit is Paul Gosar, Wendy Rogers, Brenda Barton, Andy Biggs, Debbie Lesko and any other Trump supporter.

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