Signs of a decaying culture


I can remember when the Democrats were champions of the working class. Recent events and policies seem to indicate that they are no longer governing on behalf of ordinary Americans. For example:

• The left just failed in an attempted coup d’etat against the duly elected president of the United States using false information. Banana republic comes to mind!

• Their position on abortion has morphed into making it legal to kill a fully formed baby! And they lecture conservatives about walls being immoral?

• They now believe that there are more than two sexes.

• They have redefined marriage as the union between a man and a woman to something else!

• The left currently embraces sanctuary cities and states. They release or fail to apprehend illegal alien criminals.

• They want open borders allowing criminals, terrorists and anyone in. The House of Representatives has already voted to allow these illegal aliens to vote.

It was recently reported that 70 percent of Democrats embrace socialism. In the history of the world socialism has failed every time it was tried and it always will.

• Not one Democrat voted to reduce taxes. Not one. Their disdain for President Trump exceeds their concern for helping real Americans.

• Free speech is no longer allowed. Check the number of conservative speakers that were banned from speaking at many colleges and universities. Even several liberal journalists have been banned from MSNBC and CNN (Alan Dershowitz, Glen Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Jeremy Sahill and others) for daring to suggest that the whole Russian collusion thing may not be true.

• They also want to erase Christianity as a moral force in American life.

These are signs of a decaying culture. If continued there cannot be a happy ending. Traditional values and common sense have been abandoned. Folks, we can do better!

Norm Liesener, Payson

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Is is all very obvious by seeing what is liberal and conservative: Democrats embrace, support and value ABNORMAL people and Republicans embrace, support and value NORMAL people.

Waylon Parker

Brace yourself, I'm calling out a few lies. (Mostly because lies are bad though it's hard to convince people that they're spreading lies when they match their preconceived notions. Humility is indeed a virtue.) • Congress considering exercising the powers of checks and balances afforded to Congress is the EXACT OPPOSITE to a coup d’etat. Also "Banana Republic" is a strange term to invoke here. I see no parallel between either a coup d'etat or the wheels of government turning and a country which makes its money by selling a resource of limited quantity. • Autonomy over one's body is absolute. Abortion is always a sad thing but to paraphrase the Supreme Court a foetus has rights but they do not negate the rights of a born person. Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion and not every left-thinking person thinks exactly the same, particularly on this issue. Keep your opinion out of other people's vaginas. • Do not confuse sex with gender. For starters the apparent mismatch of the presence or lack of a Y chromosome with the physical appearance of a person's genitalia is a naturally occurring phenomenon (and more prevalent than generally believed). More to the point however I believe that the Editor meant to say "more than two genders" which is not really all that hard to accept if one simply acknowledges that some folks just like to live the way that they want to live. I mean, is it really more complicated than that? • Redefining marriage is interesting because technically it was only defined as being between a woman and a man several years ago. Technicalities aside it comes down to autonomy… again. Why do people care so much about the relationship status of other people? Control? Fear of the unknown? Jealousy? Gee, several religious texts define marriage in other ways (like if a soldier kidnaps a woman in battle or gets a slave pregnant from rape) but not even the most devout people I know would put up a fight trying to ban these marriages that simply no longer fit our society. • By and large the vast majority of democrats certainly do not want open borders, they just don't want a costly wall that is likely not going to work as effectively as spending a similar amount of taxpayer money on upgrading Border Patrol systems and infrastructure. Also it is patently untrue that the House of Representatives voted to allow illegal aliens to vote, in fact H.R.1 of 2019 had provisions intended to combat corruption and increase voter participation by making Election Day a public holiday, forcing states to automatically enroll eligible voters, get states to convene commissions to watch out for gerrymandering and to change campaign financing laws. Exactly which of those things (or the many others) are a bad thing? Do we like gerrymandering? Do we like making it difficult for 9 to 5 workers to vote? • The average Democrat and even the fringe democrats do not embrace the kind of gained socialism bandied about by conservative voters. What democrats want is a system that looks out for those in need whilst still giving incentives for hard work and entrepreneurship. Give me an example of a failed socialist state that 70% of democrats want to be like. Australia? The United Kingdom? France? Italy? Etc etc etc. (And if you cite Venezuela I'll happily point out to you its socialist neighbors who are doing rather well for themselves and then I'll point out the abuser of powers by an anti-intellectual and authoritarian regime. • If one is going to make such a sweeping statement that not one Democrat voted to reduce taxes it would help to cite the proposal in question. If it is H.R.1 of Nov '17 (TCJA) it would pay to take note that this legislation SIGNIFICANTLY increases the federal deficit and it does to to primarily affect larger corporations including an incredible amount based overseas (35%!). Also as of Feb 2019 the majority of American taxpayers disprove of the new law. Taxes are not always a bad thing but I guess you are entitled to want giants like Apple to only pay pennies on the dollar compared to middle income earners so that Apple can pay more foreign workers terrible wages. • I actually agree with the Editor on the matter of signing free speech but I certainly won't put the blame broadly on left thinking people! I hate to see people shunned for recording their view however unpopular. Norman Rockwell's Freedom of Speech is amongst my favorite works of art. But seriously, news organizations make these calls all of the time and it is important that we keep them fair and honest. • Christianity should not be a state sanctioned moral force in American life, just like Shari'a Law should not be a moral force in American life. The real signs of a decaying culture are indifference for human suffering, neglect of those less fortunate, attacks on liberty and autonomy and unchecked greed.

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