I would like to congratulate Mr. Rutz on his X-ray vision into other people’s bodies. You must have it if you know for a fact that the people that are not wearing a mask do not have a medical condition. You putting us into three categories just shows your level of knowledge.

I have only one lung that works real well and I do try to wear a mask but fainting results when I wear it for more than a few minutes. (The same happens with shields.) But with your X-ray vision you must know this if we have met.

I have to ask you, Mr. Rutz. Does your mask work for you? Is it protecting you? If you say yes then what is your problem?

Judi Standiford

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Phil Mason

Amen! If you believe in the infallibility of masks, you should not care what anyone else does as you will be safe. A side benefit for little autocrats like Mr Rutz is he will be gleeful if those of us who know a scam when we see one are somehow diminished in numbers if his cockeyed perspective is correct.

If you give up Liberty for security you deserve neither and will lose both - Ben

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