Some prefer the status quo


It seems that Mayor Morrissey is making changes as promised, and with more to come. Of course some of these changes are not welcomed by those comfortable with the status quo. Barbara Underwood is one of those persons.

It has long troubled me that someone such as Ms. Underwood, who is a big property owner and developer in Payson, can hold positions on the town council, the school board, and the planning and zoning committee. The last one, P&Z is most troubling, as it is in direct conflict of interest.

People living in the Tyler Parkway area, where Underwood has most of her holdings, have struggled to keep density down, as they were led to believe it would be when they purchased in that area. There have been some noticeable changes in some of that area allowing for smaller lots, and manufactured housing. So, who benefits? Certainly not the person who bought a five-acre lot with the understanding that this part of town was zoned to retain a rural feeling.

An added problem that I see is that Payson has not yet managed to pass real Firewise legislation. The council is responsible for this, and that one councilor has a good deal of open land that would be subject to appropriate clearing at considerable cost. I don’t want to just point out one person on the council as having conflict with what is best for the town as a whole. I imagine that there are others who have taken positions to help their interests. But this particular situation is just so glaringly obvious. I do hope that it will be addressed.

Joanne Bergman, Payson

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Phil Mason

I think that there should be an initiative or referendum on the 2020 Ballot to address the issues you bring up. It is past time to deal with the good 'ol boys insider corruption.

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