Splash pad at Rumsey makes the most sense


If the plans for a splash pad are headed for reality (even though it was never brought to a public vote), then the best plan would be to put it in Rumsey Park NEXT to the swimming pool so that the plumbing of both can be connected. By connecting the plumbing of the splash pad with the plumbing of the swimming pool the pool issues could be fixed along with the new construction of the splash pad. It could be far more cost effective if the two equipment ideas were combined into one expense. Plus there would be more parking and a much safer environment for children.

Think of this too, if a family wants to have a day of fun in the water, don’t split the locations up, keep it all together in one convenient location. The logistics only make sense.

Leave the tranquility of Green Valley Park alone!

Robert Colburn, Payson

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(4) comments

Jack Handy

Another one? OK, fine. Get off my lawn!!!

I've not noticed any "QUIET PLEASE" or "OLD FOLKS AT REST" signs on my recent visits to the Green Valley Park. Perhaps that was an egregious oversight by the planning committee who were unaware that they were building a park that was actually destined to be a quiet rest home, rather than a place for all to enjoy. Monsters, every last one of them!

You naysayers should really get together and get a program started to have those signs installed pronto so that nobody confuses the old people park with the kid friendly park.


Norma Christenson

Jack seems to be sarcastic in all his reply's to editorials posted. It gets annoying reading his snide comments.

Jack Handy

Dear Norma,

Boo boo.

You don't have to read them. Pretty easy to not in fact. Plenty of other people to enjoy, yet here you are, complaining about me. I'm flattered.


Jack Handy

p.s. how surprised was I to see that Norma is anti-Trump, anti-gun, pro-mask, and vocal about her thoughts on my responses?

That was a rhetorical question.


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