Green Valley Park was designed to be a passive park. A quiet park for walkers, dog walkers, small groups of people, a small playground with a couple of benches for parents and grandparents. Fishing is a quiet activity. People come to the park to watch the eagles and birds. The Payson Veterans Memorial is a quiet place for reflection. The Zane Grey Cabin and the Rim Country Museum are quiet activities. The gazebo is designed for one band, concerts are for one evening with people spread out on the grass. Green Valley Park isn’t a baseball park, skateboard park, swimming pool park, tennis, soccer, pickleball, dog park or offering large ramadas for large gatherings, etc. It is a quiet peaceful park. It is where the Canada geese hang out and the elk.

Putting a splash pad across from an elementary school next to a street seems like a bad idea. Where do these ideas come from?

Rumsey Park was designed to be the noisy, busy park. This is where a splash pad should be located. All the sports activities are located there including our defunct pool. Splash pads are great entertainment for small kiddos, require lots of maintenance and good insurance. Before this goes further and the splash pad ends up costing the taxpayers in the neighborhood of $500,000 by the time all is done couldn’t Rumsey Park and a new pool be considered and planned to incorporate both water activities for all the people of Payson. It seems if both were combined and planned together there already is Payson water and sanitary district plumbing at the Taylor Pool. It could be a project many people in Payson would support.

Hard to believe a town this size will not have a public pool for everyone to use, but instead a splash pad for just a few.

Judi Holgate, Payson

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Jack Handy


In my best Clint Eastwood voice: Get off my lawn!


p.s. I'm taking the rest of the week off seeing how Ted and I agree on something. It's a miracle! Perhaps a sign of the coming apocalypse? Hard to say.

Ted Paulk


Next thing Jack will admit that it's a bad thing for the Commander in Chief to call us Veterans "Suckers" and "Losers".

Ted Paulk

Wow, Parks are just for quiet old grandparents now.

Who knew?

I always thought parks were for families and most especially CHILDREN.

Maybe Judi should move to old folks home on Tyler Parkway.

From an old guy who loves to hear the laughter of children...I live just up the hill from Julia Randall school and love the sound of recess.

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